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Majstrovstá sveta v skialpinizme - Andora

Robert Antonioli from Italy and Jennifer Fiechter from Switzerland
win the Individual Junior Race

Italian racers, with Robert Antonioli at the head, have imposed themselves in the Men Individual Junior, whilst the Swiss racer Jennifer Fiechter followed by two French competitors has won in the women’s race. As for the cadets category, the German Anton Palzer has won the gold medal after completing the circuit in only 59.25 minutes followed by the italians far off. In the women’s cadet category the French racer, Louise Borgnet, has finished in first place. As for the Andorran Team, cadets Inka Bellés and Laia Coma have made a good race achieving fourth and sixth position. Marc Riera has come in 18th winning two positions respect the Vertical Race, and Guillem Montoliu has finished in 24th position. Although the race was nearly suspended, finally the weather has quickly improved and the race has started at 10.15 hours with the same start for both categories.

After a new snowfall in the early morning, Championships organizers have had to reset the course, that has had to be changed in a couple of places due to the wind and to guarantee security for racers. Finally the race started at 10.15 hours and the athletes were able to enjoy the sunny weather although it was still been windy at the top of Montmalús. Due to the weather’s improvement, the competition, which had 12 km for juniors and 9 for cadets, has been very fast and spectacular.

Robert Antonioli, the Italian Junior winner has been the day’s surprise with a very good result in contrast with the 8th position achieved in the Vertical Race. Antonioli is very satisfied with the result and he has explained he started off as third and in the second uphill he was able to overtake the Swiss Alan Tissieres, that finished second, and the Italian Michele Boscacci that was finally fourth after François Cazzanelli. On the other hand in the women’s category Jennifer Fiechter started out as favourite for first position which she obtained followed by Emilie Favre and Axelle Mollaret.

In the Cadet’s category first positions of the Vertical Race have been repeated. Anton Palzer has been at the head all through and just behind the three first Junior racers finishing 5 minutes ahead of the second classified Stefano Stradelli. Third place has been for Italian Mirko Ferrari. In the women’s there was no surprises either, and Louise Borgnet from France has obtained another gold ahead of Italian Silvia Piccagnoni and Isaline Pichard from Switzerland.

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Pridané: 2010-03-04 19:20

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