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SSA Avalanche workshop – evaluation from the view of participant

Last weekend (from March 31 to April 2) took place an avalanche workshop on Kosodrevina. The workshop started on Friday evening and we were welcomed by rain and sleet in which most of us had to walk up to the hotel. We met in somewhat smaller number than expected, 5 participants, mostly from Bratislava, one from Czech republic. However, this has proven to be positive rather than negative. Whole workshop was carried in friendly atmosphere.

In the first evening our instructor, mountain guide and chief of Avalanche prevention center, Ing. Ján Peťo taught us the basics of snow science, route planning and theory of avalanche survival and rescue.

On Saturday 6th participant arrived and we went outside to practice everything we learned the previous day. The weather was better and we spent several hours in terrain digging snow pits, probing and searching with transceivers. Since it is almost the end of the season we had a little difficulties to learn distinguishing among different kinds of snow because there had been only one kind of fairly wet snow. In the evening we moved forward to some advanced theory. Then we had a lecture or rather discussion with Katka Belicová about medical aspects of avalanche rescue, whereas our instructor Ing. Peťo made a short briefing about avalanches for the public.

On Sunday we walked up to Ďumbier using our new taken on knowledge in choosing safe and optimal track, avoiding dangerous terrain and snow formations such as cornices, cushions, crevasses. Furthermore we identified critical layers in snow pack and observed a few already fallen ground avalanches. Afterwards we enjoyed skiing down the Ďumbier and we finished at Srdiečko at about 2 o’clock in the afternoon. All participants successfully accomplished the workshop with no physical injuries and gaining a certificate.

In conclusion: I think that I speak for all participants when I say that we were fully satisfied, although 2 or 3 days is hardly enough to gather enough training and experience. However it is the best and essential start for everyone who wants to spend his time on avalanche slopes.

Pridané: 2006-04-25 21:15


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